TTU Outpost Command Center

On October 3, 2013, I volunteered to work at the TTU Outpost Command Center. Our job that night was to monitor different TV shows that either had season premieres or series premieres. We were each assigned a different show.

            We were supposed to run an analytics report on Hootsuite right when the show came on TV, during the middle of the show and right when the show ended to see what all the buzz was about. For analytics, we monitored Twitter only but did Key word analytics of our show. Therefore, I monitored @TheMillersCBS and “The Millers.” We also did sentiment reports, which monitored the positive and negatve things tweeted about the show. Unfortunately, the movie “We are the Millers” had just recently come out in theaters so it was difficult to tell if people were tweeting about the movie or the TV show.

            Something interesting that happened to me while I was volunteering was that as I was scrolling through tweets to see what people were saying about The Millers about 30 minute prior to it showing, I noticed someone tweet @TVGuide saying they “suck” and got the schedule wrong. According to the CBS website, The Millers wasn’t premiering until the following week… TV Guide had printed it wrong. Some people truly did think it was coming on that night and were very disappointed when 8 o’clock rolled around and it was not on.

            Trevor Bell still had be run reports on it thought to see what people were saying anyway! I learned many valuable skills from volunteering at the outpost and I think it will look excellent on my resume! I have actually used this skill for other classes and teachers are very impressed! J


PR 3315 – Joe Fairless

On September 6, 2013, Joe Fairless spoke to our PR 3315 Online and Digital Public Relations class via Skype video. Unfortunately, our video was not working so Fairless was basically talking to a blank screen but we could see him!

            Fairless essentially spoke to us about his journey as a public relations practitioner and how to go to where he is today. He gave us tips and advice and answered our questions that we asked him via Twitter.

            The majority of the content I tweeted during the event were memorable quotes that Fairless said such as, “What separates the people that achieve or don’t achieve is resourcefulness,” or “What I look for an intern: #1 resourcefulness #2 skill sets for a certain job.” I also tweeted Fairless some questions, “How did you get your bosses to trust you when it comes to social media? Many firms don’t trust younger employees,” “What turned you away from advertising agencies,” and others. Unfortunately, he didn’t get the chance to answer any of my questions! But I did tag him and hashtag, #PR3315 in all my posts! I also retweeted multiple people who I believe asked great questions!

            At the end of his presentation I tweeted him, thanking him, “Thanks so much for skyping with our class today @joefairless I really enjoyed hearing your professional opinion #PR3315” and he replied, “@hannallred loved it, my pleasure.”

            I really enjoyed listening and learning from Fairless. He encouraged me to keep pursuing my career in public relations and showed me first hand that hard work truly does pay off. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll run into him in the future when it comes to internships or jobs! J